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Hi, I'm Alice Lieutier.

I help leaders create outstanding teams based on trust, confidence and authenticity

Beginning my career as a Software Engineer, including three years at Facebook, made me a resourceful problem solver and an efficient communicator, unafraid to speak up and have hard conversations.

I went on to work at Europe's premier coding bootcamp, Makers, changing the lives of hundreds of career changers each year by training them to become software engineers. There I learned how to create learning environments that encourage exploration, awaken curiosity and support a growth mindset. I also supported many project teams working through conflict under the pressure of the course.

At Makers, I became Head of Coaching in the first half of 2020, leading a world-class coaching team through the intense challenges of hybrid education. I grew a team that supported each other, built strong connections despite being remote and was excited by the work we were doing.

I'm now taking my leadership skills, coaching background and passion for education to start this new adventure, helping you create teams that win together.

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Building Trust Workshop: Unlock your team's potential

In this 3 hours workshop, we'll use reflection and exercises to learn

✨ You'll leave feeling inspired and with new insights on how to apply this in your work and life.

If you are curious about this workshop, send me an or schedule a virtual coffee chat with me where I'll share some of the ideas at the heart of the workshop.

If you find you need a different format or something more tailored to your company, don't hesitate to reach out.

I am confident we can create something that fits your needs.

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Alice is a wonderful, smart, clearheaded & emotionally intelligent coach. I've found that she straddles the line between being rational/ logical and deeply understanding and emotionally aware. She's open and honest, and has an amazing way of tapping into what you're experiencing and working with you to disentangle it all and gain clarity. She's also a lot of fun, non-judgemental, and a really interesting person with a lot of insight!

Miri, coaching client

ALL of Alice's workshops were incredible. She really clears things up, and speaks with such precision that allows people to understand. I'm very very grateful that she was one of my coaches.

Makers Student

Alice has a vision for what education could be, if it wasn't bound by dogmatic thinking and a lack of imagination. She brings a more empathetic, compassionate, and human way of learning, which encourages individualism and passion in the topics she teaches. She is intelligent, kind and thoughtful, and brings the best out of the people she works with.

John, Coach at Makers

I want to say thank you. I have learned the most from you, and your style of teaching - leading without directing - has me feel empowered. Your feedback is always clear, simple and accessible; this is harder to do than it sounds and I appreciate the effort taken. You're a great coach.

Makers student