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Hello, my name is Alice Lieutier

I'm currently starting my own business helping companies create more open and supportive cultures for their teams through consultancy, workshops and 1:1 coaching.

My own brand of leadership centers on trust, authenticity and empathy.

I can help with building supportive teams, creative problem solving, collaboration and more. Message me if you would like to work together, or schedule a coffee chat.

I enjoy deep conversations and people say my enthusiasm is infectious.

Between 2018 and 2022, most of my time was spent leading the coaching team at Makers. This is a team of incredible, strong, intelligent and caring people who change the lives of hundreds of career changers each year by training them to become software developers.

Here's a podcast episode where I talk about training developers at Makers.


Here's my resume and here's a small game I wrote for people who like music.

Alice is a wonderful, smart, clearheaded & emotionally intelligent coach. In the time I’ve known her (I was a student at Makers Academy), I’ve found that she straddles the line between being rational/ logical and deeply understanding and emotionally aware. She’s open and honest, and has an amazing way of tapping into what you’re experiencing and working with you to disentangle it all and gain clarity. I’ve spoken to Alice about a range of things, from coding to imposter syndrome, to general life and career decisions. Each time, I’ve ended up in a much more clear-headed space, with an action-plan of how to unstick myself from the problem, and a vision of what, to me, feels like the right way to handle my current situation. She’s also a lot of fun, non-judgemental, and a really interesting person with a lot of insight!

I would really recommend her to anyone looking for a coach 🙂

Miri, software engineer and Makers alumna