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🔥Campfire Circle🔥

Welcome to Campfire Circle, a place where we gather to delve into the depths of our emotions, share stories, and build genuine connections.

I'm Alice, your guide on this journey of self-discovery and human connection.

For millennia humans have gathered around fires to tell stories and connect. In this event the fire is symbolic but the connections are real.

Campfire circle is not a yoga practice or a networking event.

Genuine connections are formed when we see the human in eachother. Campfire circle is a unique experience designed to help you do just that.

What to Expect:

We start with a grounding exercise to settle into the present moment. Then, we'll sit in a circle, grab a cup of tea, and let the magic unfold.

I'll share thought-provoking prompts, centred around a theme for each session, to spark your reflections.

When you feel ready, you are invited to share.

As each person shares, we'll focus on being present and seek to understand the emotions, thoughts, and needs behind their words.

No interruptions. Feel free to express yourself authentically and know that your experiences are valued.

Confidentiality is sacred in our circle. What happens here stays here, and you can share as much or as little as you're comfortable with. Your voice matters, and we honor your boundaries.

We close our time together with a meditation, to reflect on the stories and emotions shared.


Remember, it's important to prioritise your well-being. If at any point you feel triggered by something being shared, or if you need a breather, feel free to step out. We're here to support you on your journey of self-care.


Dress comfortably, as we'll be sitting in on the ground, indoor or outdoor depending on the event. This is a moment for relaxation and introspection, not exercise, so you can leave your workout clothes at home.

Feel free to bring a journal and a pen if you wish, but it is not mandatory.

Come join us around the (metaphorical) campfire, where warmth, authenticity, and emotional awareness await.

Let's embark on this adventure together!

Your Campfire Circle Guide

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