Hello, my name is Alice Lieutier

I'm here to make the world more beautiful and inspire people to grow and find joy.

I feel happiest when creating or having deep conversations.

I am also an excellent problem solver.

The Try It project

After 6 years as a software engineer, I am taking a year to explore other options. I want to experience different work environments, learn new skills and meet people who fulfil their dreams in different ways.

I know I can bring something else to the world, and this year, as I turned 30, and I don't want to keep wondering. I want to Try It.

Here are things I want to explore further - in no particular order:

Travel writing

Guiding tours around London

Teaching kids about code, the possibilities of tech, and how computers work

Guiding people on microadventures - hiking and camping

One-to-one coaching sessions with adults who want to improve their coding or their technical interviewing skills

French tutoring

Learning to make the perfect flat white

Selling craft items or prints of my artworks

Technical Consulting for start-ups


Tiny house building

Life coaching and mentoring

Freelance web developping

Opening an independant cafe

If you want to work with me on one of these, or if you work on something you love and want to share your experience, please contact me.

Here's my resume and here's an interview I gave when I was CTO at SheCanCode.

Here's a small game I wrote for people who like music.