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Hello, my name is Alice Lieutier

I'm here to inspire people to grow and find joy.

I enjoy deep conversations and people say my enthusiasm is infectious.

Most of my time is spent leading the coaching team at Makers. This is a team of incredible, strong, intelligent and caring people who change the lives of hundreds of career changers each year by training them to become software developers.

Here's a podcast episode where I talk about training developers at Makers.


Outside of Makers, I coach individuals facing life-changing experiences.

This typically takes the form of one or two coaching sessions per person, to support you in a key moment.

Maybe you are considering different options in your life, or maybe you are struggling with confidence in a new environment. Or maybe you just want someone else to ask you the questions you may not be asking yourself.

These coaching sessions are free but availability is very limited. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested and I'll let you know if and when I can coach you.

Here's my resume and here's a small game I wrote for people who like music.